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Gifts for her

Are you looking for gift ideas for your wife, daughter or friend? Our collection of 3D wooden puzzles includes a wide variety of designs, from cute animals and beautiful flowers to famous landmarks and iconic buildings. Each puzzle is made from high-quality, eco-friendly wood and is designed to be both challenging and rewarding. Whether she's a puzzle enthusiast or just loves a good challenge, our 3D wooden puzzles are sure to keep her entertained for hours. So whether you are shopping for a birthday, an anniversary or just for that, our e-shop has perfect gift ideas for her. Browse our collection today and surprise her with a gift of creativity and fun with our 3D wooden puzzles and DIY miniature houses from Robotoys!

Wooden 3D puzzle - Cello Rolife TG411 Cello Rolife TG411
In stock
Wooden 3D puzzle - Drum kit Rolife TG409 Drum kit Rolife TG409
In stock
Bookshelf insert - Bookstore Rolife TGB07 Bookstore Rolife TGB07
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Pinball ROKR EG01 -10% Pinball ROKR EG01
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Clock owl ROKR LK503 -10% Clock owl ROKR LK503
In stock