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Music boxes

The music box turns amazing music into a tangible work of art. Have you ever dreamed of building a puzzle yourself? Do you want to make your own beautiful music box and place it on your desk or dresser? Now we will make your dream come true! Our wooden 3D models of toy boxes are not only a wonderful decorative element for your home, but also a great way to develop logical thinking and skills. The mechanical properties of these puzzles are top-notch, allowing for easy and fluid movements. Our best-selling models are, for example, a piano, a coffee machine or a toy store, which are made with incredible attention to detail.

Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Ferris wheel Rolife TGN01 Ferris wheel Rolife TGN01
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Magic piano ROKR AMK81 Magic piano ROKR AMK81
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Stagecoach ROKR AMKA1 Stagecoach ROKR AMKA1
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