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Relive the magic of the industrial era with our collection of Vehicle models. Inspired by the rapid development of automobiles in the 19th century, our meticulously crafted mini vehicle models capture the essence of this transformative era. Each model is a true masterpiece, intricately designed to replicate the complex structure and key components of the original vehicles. With our wooden 3D puzzles, you can go on a nostalgic adventure that connects the mind and the heart. These beautiful models make perfect gifts and wonderful additions to any home.

Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Locomotive ROKR LK701 Locomotive ROKR LK701
In stock
Wooden 3D puzzle - Vintage car ROKR MC801 Vintage car ROKR MC801
In stock
Wooden 3D puzzle - Cruise ship Rolife TG306 Cruise ship Rolife TG306
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Stagecoach ROKR AMKA1 Stagecoach ROKR AMKA1
In stock