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Wooden 3D puzzle - Assembly time more than 5 hours

If you are looking for an intense and rewarding way to test your limits, then this category is for you. These wooden 3D puzzles take more than 5 hours to assemble and offer the ultimate challenge for the most dedicated and passionate puzzlers. They are suitable for anyone who wants to achieve something extraordinary and impressive with their own hands. You can choose from various models, such as dragons, globes, towers, and more. All of them are made of high-quality wood and eco-friendly materials, and they come with detailed instructions and diagrams. Wooden 3D puzzles are not only a great hobby, but also a stunning achievement that you can be proud of.


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Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - AK-47 Rifle ROKR LQ901 AK-47 Rifle ROKR LQ901
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Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Pinball ROKR EG01 -10% Pinball ROKR EG01
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