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Wooden 3D puzzle

Discover endless possibilities for creativity with our 3D wooden puzzles from Robotime. Each piece is precisely made from high-quality and ecological materials to provide you with an experience of perfect quality and trouble-free assembly. Our 3D wooden puzzles are an irresistible source of fun for the whole family and are the perfect way to develop your creativity and logical thinking. Our best-selling categories such as clocks, calendars, musical instruments, architecture, animals, vehicles and space will give you lots of interesting ideas and new projects. Discover our wide range of 3D wooden puzzles and start your creative journey today.


Clocks & Calendars Clocks & Calendars Musical instruments Musical instruments Music boxes Music boxes Architecture Architecture Vehicles Vehicles Weapons Weapons The universe The universe STEM Lab STEM Lab
Highest discount in %
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Pinball ROKR EG01 -10% Pinball ROKR EG01
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Clock owl ROKR LK503 -10% Clock owl ROKR LK503
In stock
Wooden 3D puzzle - Cello Rolife TG411 Cello Rolife TG411
In stock
Wooden 3D puzzle - Drum kit Rolife TG409 Drum kit Rolife TG409
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Thompson ROKR LQB01 Thompson ROKR LQB01
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - AK-47 Rifle ROKR LQ901 AK-47 Rifle ROKR LQ901
In stock
Wooden mechanical 3D puzzle - Siege cannon ROKR KW801 Siege cannon ROKR KW801
In stock