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    A wide selection of 3D wooden puzzles and DIY miniature houses at wholesale prices. Perfect for gift shops, toy stores and more!

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  2. about company


    Can't find the answer in our Help Center? Or do you want to contact us for some other reason? Write to us and we will get back to you soon.

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  3. about company

    About us

    Welcome to Robotoys! Our e-shop offers a wide range of educational and fun construction kits for DIYers, including wooden puzzles, 3D mechanical models and more. With a commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, we are proud to be a leading retailer of Robotime products. Shop now and experience the fun and educational benefits of our high-quality DIY kits!

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  4. Frequently asked questions

    Returns & Refunds

    How can I return the goods? How many days do I have to return the goods? How long does it take to transfer money to an account?

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  5. Frequently asked questions

    An order

    How can I order? Can I order abroad? Can I cancel my order if it has not already been shipped?

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  6. Frequently asked questions


    What should I do if I want to claim the goods? How fast does it take to process a complaint?

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  7. Frequently asked questions

    Order delivery

    What is the delivery time? What is the mode of transport? Can I pay in cash when receiving the package?

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  8. All about shopping

    Business conditions

    Terms and conditions of the website

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  9. All about shopping


    Protection of personal data of

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  10. All about shopping

    Complaint conditions

    Complaint conditions Diamond Hands s.r.o

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  11. Frequently asked questions

    Payment options

    What types of payments are available? Can I get an invoice in my company name? Will I receive a confirmation of payment?

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